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Succeeding As a Paparazzi Consultant

by | Feb 9, 2021 | 0 comments

We read paparazzi, and we’re instantly thinking of photographers with cameras chasing celebrities down the street – but think again.

Who is a Paparazzi Consultant?

A paparazzi consultant is a business representative who bulk buys jewelry and accessories and later sells them at a profitable rate.  The perfect fix to earn money or stay productive in your free time.  Becoming a paparazzi consultant can be a way to progress financially.

Develop a Business Mindset

Selling jewelry may seem easy at first, but it can become a challenging task after a while.

Where do I find my target market? How do I sell more pieces?

These are all valid questions that all newcomers are eager to learn. Exactly why you need to start thinking like a business person instead of a regular human being.

Any social gathering you’re going to, a family dinner, high school reunion, office brunch, think of ways to advertise or sell your jewelry pieces.

Of course, you need to make sure you don’t come across as too direct or aggressive. For instance, start by praising becoming a paparazzi consultant, mention the gorgeous accessories, then pull out your phone and show pictures of the pieces in case someone is in the mood to spend.

Don’t Lose Hope

You may be earning a 45% commission on each piece you sell, yet it might not make a difference if you’re not selling much.

However, always keep in mind that almost every paparazzi consultant starts off slow. You need to build your clientele and marketing strategy over time.

Look for ways to sell jewelry, search for innovative methods to advertise to crowds, focus on your niche, and eventually, success won’t be far away.

Begin Your Journey Slow

The best approach is to start slow.

Opt for the small kit with 35 pieces, which is ideal for a beginner. Sell your first batch before taking on another, maybe even upgrade to the more extensive packages.

This way, you can perfect your business strategies and learn about the process along the way.


Set Your Goals

To excel in anything, one must decide on a particular set of goals or milestones that one wishes to complete within a limited period.

Similarly, paparazzi consultants put a similar mechanism in place. For example, to keep your consultant status, you should purchase 100 items annually- a fairly doable amount.

Conversely, if you want to step up the game, ordering 25 pieces per month can get you a team-building commission alongside a place on the consultant finder. Having your team means that you will earn an additional 10% commission. The more pieces you buy from Paparazzi and sell in turn, the further you will climb on the success ladder. 

Bring in Helpers

Your friends and family can become your greatest asset as you embark on this journey.

Assign a set number of accessories that each person can help you sell. The more members you engage, the faster you can raise your numbers and earn more money. Additionally, your associates will praise you for introducing them to such a fantastic program as well.

You can also spread the word across various social circles and area codes. Consequently, this will increase your reach and help expand your client base to untapped areas.


Invest in Yourself


It can be quite tempting to spend the profits earned on that handbag you’ve been eyeing for ages or a new pair of heels but think long term.

Shopping and travel might seem fun for now but investing your profits back into your business will reap more significant benefits.

With a higher sum of disposable income to order more paparazzi pieces, you will enable yourself to rise through the ranks and even start up your team.


Bridging the Gap

See the paparazzi pieces in the flesh; by buying the jewelry yourself, head over to Annie’s Jewels.


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