The Story of Paparazzi Accessories

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If you like adorning your look with trendy accessories, especially jewelry, you might have heard about paparazzi jewelry.

What is Paparazzi?

While this paparazzi is not the photographer squad trailing all things glam, paparazzi jewelry might be what makes your glam. A household name for most jewelry lovers in America, the story of paparazzi accessories is a new one that has gained momentum and popularity reasonably quickly. Let’s explore the roots of Paparazzi accessories and precisely what has made paparazzi jewelry the latest trend to adopt.

 How it All Began

Of course, each great business idea stems from someone’s garage or living room, and the story of Paparazzi accessories is no less. Started by the power sisters Misty and Chani, it was initially a small business idea they were testing to kill spare time and generate extra income.

Garnering the success of their affordable $5 apiece jewelry, they were able to attract more people interested in becoming paparazzi consultants alongside buyers looking to get their hands on the unique pieces.  Their business grew a whopping 900% in the first six months alone!

The Business Expansion

After the successful run, the owners had their jewelry’s initial batch, and they were looking to expand. The sisters brought in their significant others, Trent Kirby and Ryan Reeve, cementing the paparazzi name as a true family venture.

Seeing the interest women took in purchasing their jewelry and the eagerness to become paparazzi consultants, the pair created their website, business flyers and even set up their social media accounts. They even have consultants writing blogs about their business models and other small business entrepreneurs joining in for support.

Creative Geniuses behind Paparazzi

Paparazzi is a family business, where each member brings their individual properties and skillsets to the table. For instance, Misty is the mastermind behind the design process of all the jewelry pieces. She functions as the bridge that connects the company with its suppliers and ensures the process remains smooth running.

Similarly, Chani is an expert at customer services and proves to be an excellent forefront for the business. She is an integral asset for the company that maintains a balance and keeps things fun around the industry.

Last but not least, the husbands not only serve as moral support, but they combine their business minds and professional degrees with helping the business reach new horizons. Ryan Reeve even gave up his family business to join his wife’s venture!

Business Aim

Initially started by women, the business still strives to create women empowerment and females’ opportunities to excel while setting their work hours. Mainly catering to the homemakers who do not get much chance to leave home for full-time jobs- paparazzi is an excellent way to make quick cash while having fun.

There is nothing better than being financially secure and independent, so you do not have to rely on anyone for your next month’s budget. Paparazzi is the perfect get away from your daily chores, which also helps you polish your business skills.

Paparazzi Now

Today, the founders continue to expand the business and welcome new members to the paparazzi family. Jewelry can only be bought through the consultants representing the brand; however, many websites now stock and deal in paparazzi pieces.

There is an efficient business model in place for all future employees to follow. If you can achieve a certain number of sales as a consultant, you will rise through the ranks and earn an extra commission. Reaching a target number of orders per month will give you perks such as creating your team of consultants turn to add to your earnings. 

Get Yours!

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You will find a plethora of accessories; alongside all the necessary information you may need in case you want to give it a shot!

At $5 apiece, the paparazzi vibe might be what you are looking for.

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